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19th February 2020 

Short or long term work?

If you feel that what I'm offering may be what you're looking for, usually the best way forward is to arrange an initial meeting. This will be an assessment session where we can both get a sense of whether continuing sessions are likely to be helpful. If we decide to continue meeting, we will also need to consider what kind of framework will be best for our sessions.

Short term counselling

With some clients, usually those coming with fairly specific issues to work on, the counselling may be short term. This would normally be for a set number of sessions - usually between 6 and 10 - agreed at the outset, working with clear goals and keeping a fairly sharp focus.

Longer term counselling

Other clients may come with a more open personal growth agenda, or wanting to work at deeper level, for instance to deal with stuff from the past or to change some very deep rooted pattern, and this kind of work would normally be more open ended and longer term.

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Not sure which is right for you?

If you are not yet sure which kind of work is right for you, we could begin by meeting for an agreed number of sessions with a review towards the end to see where we've got to and to assess whether continuing work would be worthwhile.