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20th November 2019 
My approach #01

My Approach

My approach to counselling and couples therapy is Humanistic and Integrative, Embodied and Relational.

Put simply, this means I will seek:

• to meet you openly and genuinely, human being to human being,

• to provide a safe space in which you can explore, with professional support, issues that are concerning you,

• and to work with you to co-create whatever process will be most helpful and healing for you at this time.

While I am familiar with a range of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches, my primary focus is on being with you, the client, as a human being, responding to what you uniquely bring and supporting you to find your own ways forward. My belief, firmly based on years of experience, is that some part of you will know how best to use the counselling space for your own healing and growth.

Core beliefs and principles

My approach is founded on certain core beliefs and principles:

• I believe in the value and uniqueness of each human individual.

• We are holistic, embodied beings – with body, mind and spirit interwoven.

• We are essentially relational beings – we exist in relationship to others and to the environment we live in.

• Each of us has an innate tendency to develop and become more fully what we can be.

• Our development can however get blocked - often as a result of adverse experiences.

• We are best able to grow, and overcome blocks to growth, when we feel held and met in a supportive relationship.

• Each piece of counselling is unique and is co-created by counsellor and client(s) working together.