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19th February 2020 
About me. Me in garden

About me

After trying my hand at various occupations I became interested in the world of therapy during my own midlife crisis in the late 1980s. I started training at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) in 1992, graduating there as a counsellor in 1999.

Alongside my counselling practice, I have also worked as a Stress Management Trainer, a Group Supervisor at Bristol Drugs Project, and from 2009 to 2013 as a Counselling Tutor at BCPC.


• BA (Joint Hons) English and Philosophy, 1970.
• Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling (BCPC), 1999.
• Accredited by BACP - MBACP(Accred) - since 2002.
• Diploma In Stress Management, 2003.
• Post-Graduate Certificate in Working With Couples, 2006.
• Post-Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Trauma Practice, 2017.

I have also done further training in:
• Gestalt
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Body Process
• Supervision

I'm not an expert. I'm essentially an ordinary person (though, like you and everybody else, also extraordinary). I've done some courses and read a few books but I've learned most from the hundreds of wonderful and fascinating clients I've met over my years as a counsellor.

I've been influenced by the thinking of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers, existentialism, Buddhism, Taoism, and by wandering in wild places. I don't claim to have an answer to the problem of being human but I still think it's worth trying to face it and seek whatever meaning we can find for ourselves.