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22nd January 2020 
Couples Counselling. Couple statuettes

Counselling for couples

I regret that currently I have no availability to take on new clients (updated on 4 September 2019).

Being in a couple is both one of the most challenging and potentially one of the most fulfilling things we can do as human beings. The intimate relationship is qualitatively different from every other relationship in that it involves our basic needs for secure emotional attachment. It thus touches into our deepest vulnerabilities as well as our deepest longings.

Unfortunately many of us carry wounds and insecurities from the way our attachment patterns have been formed. When these get triggered, as they inevitably will in an intimate relationship, we can all too easily lose emotional connection and get caught up in negative spirals of mutual blame, attack and withdrawal.

Relationship Counselling provides a safe environment with professional support where you as a couple can:

• explore issues in your relationship

• learn to recognise and de-escalate negative dynamics

• regain and deepen your emotional connectivity

• work toward a less conflictual and more fulfilling relationship

I have been practising as a Couples Counsellor in Bristol since 2005. It is work I believe in and is now an important part of my practice.

Couple counselling sessions last sixty minutes and my fee is 65 per session.

If you would like further information or to arrange an initial session, please contact me on 0117 9044929 or click here to email me.